Ainsdale Membership

2024 Golf Membership Categories

Junior (18 & Under)$353.98
NEW Executive (19-29)$752.21
Executive (19-29)$942.48
NEW Intermediate (30-39)$876.11
Intermediate (30-39)$1150.44
Adult (40-64)$1426.55
Senior (65 & Over)$1254.42

* all rates do not include HST. Memberships are for golf only and do not include range, club storage, lessons, etc. Those items need to be purchased separately.

Additional Options

Club Storage (Clubs Only)$101.77
Club Storage (Clubs & Cart)$150.44
Driving Range (Member)$221.24
Driving Range (Member Couple)$350.00
Driving Range (Non-Member)$334.51
Driving Range (Non-Member Couple)$566.37
Season Power Cart Pass (Individual)$823.00
Season Power Cart Pass+ (Couple)$1184.07
Season Trail Fee^$575.22

* all rates do not include HST.


“12 for 10” 18 Hole Green Fees$486.73
“12 for 10” 18 Hole Cart Fees$221.24
“12 for 10” 9 Hole Green Fees$256.64
“12 for 10” 9 Hole Cart Fees$132.74

* all rates do not include HST.

NOTE: You cannot purchase multiple packs and then roll over into a membership. Special circumstances, come speak to management.
Please be advised that you can only use $100 maximum of your club credit towards your membership.

° Family includes the couple and any dependents 18 and under
+ Season Power Cart Pass for Couple is valid for couple or family membership options only, unless otherwise approved.
^ Trail fee only, no storage available. Must sign waiver.
* All packages purchased have a two-year expiration date from the date of purchase. Existing packages purchased prior to January 1, 2017 are no longer valid.