Men’s Night

Every Thursday!

Cost: $15.00 entry each week

Opening Men’s Night: Thursday May 9, 2024

Final Men’s Night: Thursday September 19, 2024

Tee Times: 11:28am – 6:32pm (8 minute intervals)

Format: Net Stroke Play – no points, no Stableford

**NEW THIS YEAR – Team Element

Men’s Night will run the same way this year as it has in year’s past from an individual standpoint – nothing changes!

As a new, fun twist, we are adding a team element!

On Thursday, May 30, we will have a draft night.  XX captains have been pre-selected and will select their teams.  Each team will draft an even number of players.  Although there may be some people who play less, or may not even play this year, anyone who played in a men’s night last year will be put on a team.  For anyone who adds midway during the season to men’s night, they will be added to the team who finished in last place(s) the previous week.

Each week the “Team Score” will be the best 2 gross and 6 net scores totaled together.  Total score will be the cumulative of the 8 scores.  Payouts will be $2 per person (included in the $15 you pay each week for men’s night) from the week times the number of players in the week.  1st place team will receive 60% of that pot and 2nd place team will receive 40% of that pot.  All payouts will be in club credit the same way all other men’s night payouts work.  FOR EXAMPLE, if there are 120 players in men’s night for the week, there will be a pot of $240 for the team aspect.  The winning team will receive $144 and the 2nd place team will receive $96.  For the 1st and 2nd place teams, only players that play that week will receive a portion of the winnings.  If you are on a team that finishes 1st or 2nd but do not play that week, you will not receive any payout.

$4 to weekly individual payouts, $2 to yearly individual payouts, $4 to weekly individual skins pot, $2 to weekly team payouts, $1 to computer system, $1 to weekly 50/50 drawing, & $1 admin fee

**There is also a $2 entry at the beginning of the year into the HIO pot. Each time a HIO is made, that person will get the entire pot and each men’s night participant will pay $2 again. HIO must be made during men’s night play for payout.

Starting Flight Breakdown: Flight A ~ +Hcp to 5 handicap, Flight B ~ 6 to 8, Flight C ~ 9 to 11, Flight D ~ 12 to 25

  • Please note: We will revisit the flight breakdowns on the last Thursday of every month to ensure that flights remain even. Adjustments will be made if needed.
  • Also note: We will be using the same handicap on the front nine and back nine, despite the fact that they are rated differently and a different par. This will simplify scoring and eliminate confusion. Example: If you’re a 12 handicap, you’ll be a 6 on each nine.

** If you are playing 18 holes, you MUST play the men’s night 9 first

*** You MUST contact the Golf Shop if you will be unable to make your tee time. We are getting more and more guys out each week and need the spots to accommodate everyone.

Scorecards: Men’s Night scorecards will be given to you in the Golf Shop when you check in for your tee time. If you played and do not turn in your scorecard, you will be entered as “DNF” (did not finish) so that your skins & 50/50 are still properly allocated where it belongs so it’s fair to the entire field.

Men’s Night Partners

2024 Men’s Night Team Names

  • Balls Deep
  • Beers, Wings, & Swings
  • Better Than Most
  • Birdie Boyz
  • Birdies R Us
  • Daly’s Disciples
  • Dustin My Johnson
  • Pin Seekers
  • Putt Pirates
  • The Big Shots