History of Ainsdale Golf Course

Ainsdale Golf Course was originally built by Les and Joyce Jolley in June of 1972, in addition to golf course architect Fred Hulls.

When the Jolley’s first built the golf course, it measured 7777 yards in length and was determined to be a par 74, instead of the traditional par 72. The Clubhouse facility consisted of a club room, snack bar and a small pro shop.

On December 27, 1985, the Jolley’s sold the business and property to Al and Kathy MacKay.

In 1998 the on course water storage was supplemented by the enlargement of the ponds on #2 and #12 fairways, to provide approximately 25,000,000 gallons of water for irrigation. In 2000 a computerized irrigation system was installed complete with pump house and zone controlled watering capabilities to cover all tees, greens and fairways. In 2002 a major rebuild of the club house facilities was completed.

The new expansion included a 20′ extension of the dining room, another addition provided a completely new golf shop with office space on a new second floor, new washroom and shower for men/ladies and a complete renovation/expansion of the kitchen. In 2004 the maintenance shop additions were completed with 20′ x 30′ heated maintenance area with a 60′ x80′ equipment storage area.

On January 12, 2017, the MacKay’s sold Ainsdale to Taylor and Charles Candler.

Les & Joyce Jolley Practice Facility

On October 1st, 2017 Ainsdale Golf Course was happy to announce and unveil the dedication of the new Les & Joyce Jolley Practice Facility, located between holes 17 & 18. The weather that day was beautiful, there were several friends and family who attended the ceremony, and stories were shared about good times with Les & Joyce.

The practice facility now features a beautiful sign in memory of the Jolley’s and all the hard work they put into designing and building the golf course. This memorial sign is something that was important to us to do, because we value family the same way that the Jolley’s do. They are a close-knit, loving, and hardworking family and we hope to continue that same legacy with our growing family. We wanted to take the time to pay tribute to the family and acknowledge all the work that Les & Joyce did over the years here at Ainsdale.

The Les & Joyce Practice Facility is a tremendous place to work on your short game, as it is a very relaxed and peaceful place on the golf course. Be sure to come by and check it out and pay your respects to this amazing couple. Thanks to everyone who made this dedication possible and to all who came out for the ceremony. We hope you love the memorial sign as much as we do!

Ron & Dahl Clarridge Driving Range at Ainsdale

On June 17, 2019, the fully renovated “Ron & Dahl Clarridge Driving Range at Ainsdale” opened for the season! Ron & Dahl Clarridge are owner Taylor’s grandparents; two incredible people that we wanted to recognize in a special way. Both Ron & Dahl have played a huge part in our lives and we couldn’t be happier to do this in their name. The unveiling day of the new range was a rainy one, but that didn’t stop Ron & Dahl from hitting their inaugural tee shots right down the centre of the range and officially opened the driving range for members and guests!

The renovation featured a much larger, flatter, tee deck for the main driving range, equipped with full irrigation. By moving the tee deck back from its existing spot, we were able to lengthen the range in its entirety, but also preserved a section of the old range around the front of the building to the left. This has now become Taylor’s private lesson tee for one-on-one lessons, classes, and groups.

The project began in the late fall of 2018 and carried over into the spring of 2019. Time was spent digging, moving soil, placing irrigation, leveling, and laying sod. We also added a new cart and walk path to the range area from the existing cart path on #10. With a new path and roping, it’s easily accessible and visible to members and guests to get to the range!

Time was also spent pouring a new pad for the range shed for our Back Shop team when cleaning and bagging golf balls from the range. It’s a nice pull up area for ourselves and our staff to use! We hope you love the practice facility as much as we do!