Ainsdale Golf Course

Hole by Hole

No. 1 – Hull #1:

This straight away, short par 4 is a great hole to start off your round. A nice smooth tee shot will leave you with a wedge or less into this fairly flat green. Nice birdie opportunity here at the first.

No. 2 – The Valley:

It may be short in yardage, but the second hole can appear daunting off the tee. A well placed tee shot here will leave you with a clear, open shot to this elevated green. Be cautious of the wind and hit enough club to be hole high.

No. 3 – Crossroads:

A straight away, open par 3 to a large green makes for a nice birdie opportunity. Watch the cross wind here commit to the shot. Your miss here is to the right, avoiding the green side bunker on the left.

No. 4 – Sidehill Battle:

With an elevated tee box and fairway sloping to the right, you will want to aim your drive slightly to the left. This will leave your tee shot in perfect shape, away from the trouble lurking on the right. Two bunkers on the right side of the green again have you aiming to the left side of the green for safety.

No. 5 – Tunnel Vision:

Without a doubt, this is a risk/reward par 4. If you’re feeling lucky, you can go for the green but must be able to carry the golf ball roughly 300 yards to avoid the bunkers surrounding the front of the green. If you’re deciding on playing it safe, you can hit it to the middle of the fairway short of the fairway bunker on the right, roughly 215 yards off the tee. Be wary of the bush surrounding the entire hole!

No. 6 – The Rail Trail:

This is one of Ainsdale’s longer par 4’s at 430 yards from the championship tees. The tee shot is hit up and over a hill with out of bounds creeping on the left hand side. Your second shot will want to feed to the right hand side, so just be mindful of that.

No. 7 – Go For It:

This is yet another risk/reward par 4 at only 290 yards. Your tee shot and approach shot will naturally want to feed to the left. You will be able to clearly see how sloped this green is from back to front, so leaving your chip shots and putts just under the hole is a safe and smart play.

No. 8 – Highway to Heaven:

A beautiful par 3 with somewhat of a blind tee shot. The bunker on the left hand side of the green comes more into play than one might realize when standing on the tee block. The ideal tee shot would shape from right to left. Your safest miss would be to the right, leaving a delicate chip shot to the pin.

No. 9 – Long, A Time Ago:

An uphill par 5 with water lurking to the right that isn’t visible from the tee block. You will want to aim a little bit to the left to avoid the water at all costs. Even the longest hitters typically do not reach this lengthy uphill par 5 in 2, so be sure to leave yourself with a comfortable yardage in to the green that will optimize your chance of making birdie.

No. 10 – Left Turn:

To kick off your back 9, you will face a 30 degree dogleg left par 4. You will want to pick a target out to the right middle of the fairway to ensure you stay away from the out of bounds on the left. Your second shot will play slightly downhill and require total focus to safely hit the middle of the green, avoiding both green side bunkers.

No. 11 – Wyatt’s Winder:

This picturesque, dogleg left par 5 will require three precise shots in a row to safely arrive on the green. For those longer hitters, you may be able to reach in 2, however there is a small creek short of this elevated green, and bush everywhere you turn. Your approach shot in will need to be exact in distance and have some height on it to hold the surface of the green.

No. 12 – Picture Perfect:

This beautiful and challenging par 3 provides some excitement during your round! There is water in front and to the left of the green, along with a large bunker in front and one long right. Ideally your tee shot would end up in the middle of the green, have a crack at birdie, and move on.

No. 13 – Through the Timber:

This long, straight away par 4 is a good test for all golfers, especially from the championship tees at 455 yards. From the middle of the fairway you will see some unique trees guarding the front of the green. This means that it is a good idea to bounce and roll your approach shot up and onto the playing surface instead of contending with trees.

No. 14 – Andi’s Alley:

This straight forward par 5 offers you the chance of potentially reaching the green in 2. Be mindful of the fairway bunker on the left and water hazard on the right, off of the tee. Should you choose to not go for the green in 2, laying up just short of the green on the right hand side leaves you with the best angle in to attack any pin on this deep green.

No. 15 – Up & Down:

A back to back par 5 presents you with another great opportunity for birdie. Your tee shot will need to carry the ravine that is at the very beginning of the fairway. Your second shot should be aimed up the right side of the fairway to leave yourself with the best possible angle into the green. A challenging bunker is located on the left side of the green and should be avoided at all costs, as an up and down from there is quite difficult with this severely sloped back to front green.

No. 16 – Lexi’s Landing:

This hilly par 4 requires your full attention off the tee to ensure the best placement for your next shot. You should be aiming just down the left side to leave your ball in the gully below. Your approach shot will have to be hit high and soft to hold this tricky green.

No. 17 – Beachside:

This longer par 3 is more challenging than it appears. The miss here is short left, avoiding all of the green side bunkers. Be happy with a 3 here and move on.

No. 18 – Haste Ye Back!:

This finishing hole is straight away up the hill with room in the fairway. Your approach shot needs to be placed on the correct level of this undulating green to have a fair chance at birdie or par. Avoid the crowd cheering you on from the outdoor patio!