2021 Covid Protocols

With the golf season fast approaching, we thought we'd pass along the information provided to us from the government & PHU relating to the golf course, power carts, food & beverage and more!


The one new regulation that has been written concerns carts and masks. This clause is applicable for all five colour coded regions. Specifically, it states:

  • All persons driving or riding on the vehicle who are members of the same household, are not required to wear masks.
  • Further to this, a solo rider is therefore also not required to wear a mask.
  • Two people driving or riding together on the vehicle who are not from the same household are required to wear a mask.
  • This direction on masks supersedes any previous direction on cart dividers. You are certainly free to continue to use cart dividers if your facility would prefer, but use of divider is not required, and does not negate the need for masks for two or more riders in the same cart from different households.

Ainsdale will be implementing the new regulations regarding masks in carts for 2 riders.


We will be operating in the same manner as last season, with only 5 people allowed in the Golf Shop at any given time. Masks will be required for entry. We also ask that you check in/arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to your tee time for safety purposes and not having a large group of people waiting to tee off. If you wish to use the range prior to your time, that is fine. You can come to the shop to get golf balls, proceed to the range, and then re-check in within the 10 minute window of your tee time.


We will have starters again for this 2021 season. The starters will be located by the first tee & putting green area. They will have a clipboard with a copy of the tee sheet so they know who is next up on the tee. The starters this year will also handle the distribution of cart keys for players who will be riding. You will need to provide your receipt to the starter to receive a key (for public players). Also, starters will be who you see for a rental push cart. Any given times throughout the week/day where we do not have a starter on, you will see the Golf Shop staff for these items.


We will have our full washrooms open to all members and guests, but in order to use you must wear your mask into the building. The washrooms will have plenty of soap and sanitizer provided and will be routinely cleaned for your safety.


We will have port-a-potties back out on the course this year in the same locations. These will be "use at your own risk" and have sanitizer in them.


We will once again have the Pin Caddy's in each hole of the golf course. Please DO NOT touch the black lever with your hand. We ask that you please lift the lever with your putter to retrieve your ball from the hole. These Pin Caddy's are expensive and we kindly ask that you treat them with respect. They were kindly donated by John Mann and we sincerely thank you, John!!! The practice putting green will have actual cut holes this season but have pool noodles in them this year instead of just tee blocks to putt to.


The range will operate much the same as last season. You get your golf balls for the range from the golf shop. These range balls are STRICTLY for use on THE RANGE ONLY. We regularly see these balls out on the course and this should never happen. We kindly ask that these range balls remain on the range alone. The hitting spots on the range are well spread out and have dividers indicating each defined spot. Please hit within one of these spots INSIDE the designated ropes. The ropes are there for a reason - to use grass in that desired location while other areas have time to re-grow! Thank you. There will be a bucket of soapy water at the range for you to use to clean your clubs but there will not be a brush as we cannot have everyone touching it. Please bring a brush from home and have it in your bag! Also, there is a separate bin that's labeled for the mesh bags to be dropped. Do not leave them on the ground, by the water bucket, keep in your cart. Please put them in the bag return bin (which will have sanitizer in it to clean them). Thanks!


The designated cart return area will be in the same spot as last year -- towards the end of the parking lot by the red dumpsters. We will have it roped off once again so you can clearly see where to park and leave your dirty cart. We ask that you please pull your cart ALL the way into the roped area if possible. Our back shop staff will sanitize and clean carts from this point forward. You can just leave the key in each cart.


Club storage will be available this season! We missed it last year! If you're interested in a spot, please contact us ASAP as this will sell out because we only have so many spots! It will operate differently than in the past, but it's available. It will be self-serve and self-access. We have installed a brand new pin-pad door handle from the outside that all club storage members will have access to and know the pin of. No one else will be permitted to enter the club storage from here. You will get your clubs yourself and load onto cart/push cart etc. When your round is complete, you will put them back yourself. We will have a bucket of water to clean clubs in club storage as well. Also, we have installed multiple cameras in club storage for even more security!

Food & Beverage:

We will not be opening the inside building for everyday use. We have the odd event/wedding inside this year but otherwise, it will remain closed. We will have tables and chairs on the patio again, behind 18 green, and down in the treed area by 10 tee. We are also installing a brand new patio covering right now. It is a very large structure that will feature retractable sun shades! Bring on the warm temps and enjoy some nice shade on the patio this summer!!! Perhaps with a slushie?!?!?!


We have a VERY wide array of demo clubs for the 2021 season! They will be permitted to go out on course or to the range for you to try. When you return with them, please hand to the Golf Shop staff and they will sanitize them prior to going back into the bag. Thanks!

Huge thanks to all of you for abiding by all these rules -- we know it's a lot. We get it. We have to follow this strict set of guidelines to keep everyone safe and to keep golf courses open throughout the summer! We are so appreciative and cannot wait for the season to officially start! We will post and email as soon as we are 100% open. Fingers crossed it's soon!

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